Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome and Introduction

Hello all,

I am starting this blog in the hopes that it will spur you on to challenge the status quo. Whether it be in theology, philosophy, politics or just life, I hope to get a healthy thought provoking blogs. At times I will be opinionated (especially when it comes to politics), however as the title of my blog states, I am in a pursuit of truth in all things. Hence I am not close-minded on any topic.

I consider myself "a thinker" I am one of the only people I know who carves time out of there day for the sole purpose of thinking; and I have much to say! I have not lived a "normal life" by any stretch of the imagination. I have endured wars, shootings, extreme poverty, tragedy, bombings. I've also experienced, incredible grace, self sacrifice like I've never seen before, Giving like I've never seen before, compassion and hearts of service. I have traveled the world and met extraordinary people, some believers some unbelievers. I have countless stories to share about God's provision, faithfulness, justice and love.

This blog will be a window into my head and some of the things I experience on the exciting yet difficult journey of a Disciple. I will try to show some things I struggle with intellectually, and pose the questions or topics that are taboo to discuss. Know this, I couldn't care less about political correctness or religious tradition for the sake of tradition. I will say and question anything in the pursuit of truth.

I hope this blog serves you in some facet, I know it will at least serve me, in allowing me to get all my thoughts out of my head and on paper! To all of you who wanted me to write more updates, or share more thoughts, this is your chance to follow me on my journey.

Join me in this journey.



  1. Technically speaking, wouldn't being open-minded about everything mean that you were being close-minded to close-mindedness? :)

    An I am very much looking forward to what you write here and joining in on the discussion.

  2. Ramy, so happy to see your blogging, this is probably the only blog I will ever repeatedly look at.

  3. Stephens right, what can you do, everyone needs a jumping off point, but you don't claim to be a foundationalist (meaning an epistemology of "just because") but a Theist so no contradiction here.

    And as far as the blog goes, Bout' time!

  4. I am looking forward to more